Bradley Caro Cook, Ed.D. - Founder

Dr. Cook is a native of Atlanta and University of Georgia alumnus. Bradley has lead over 1,000 students on global delegations over the past 10 years. He gained his love of travel through his parents, who are avid adventurers,  and has now spent time in over 40 countries.  He is a strong advocate for increasing young adults Cultural Intelligence Quotient, or CQ,  having seen the impact of immersive experiences on the personal and professional lives of hundreds of former students.  Bradley made aliyah in 2012, and has dedicated the past three years to crafting the premier cultural immersion, career advancement, and personal Jewish identity strengthening program in Israel.  Of the dozens of cultures Bradley has been immersed within, he finds that cultures found in Israel are by far the most inspiring and diverse.  He wakes up every morning excited to connect our Jewish young adults from the diaspora to the best and greatest that Israel has to offer.  He's proud to say, that after each appointment that a Project Beyond participants goes on with an Israeli leader, the participants remark  "How do you get personal meetings for us with such important people?"  The answer is simple....This is Israel.  We are a family with a Jewish state, where the love of our country and the love of each other can be found in all corners of our homeland. Israel is the land of opportunity, and just a taste of it will leave you wanting more.  When asked what was the purpose of creating such a dynamic program, his answer is also simple:  "I believe that Israel has something to offer everyone...you just have to have the right connections to the right people...and fortunately, I do.  And they want to meet the young adults that are coming to visit Israel on Birthright and other programs and share their story.

Bradley is dedicated to advancing and inspiring through Jewish learning.  Recently, Bradley designed a 7 part curriculum based upon Jewish concepts and character traits.  This curriculum was designed so that it will advance the personal and professional lives of Jews and non-Jews alike, and appeal to all denominations of Jews, through basic Jewish concepts. Bradley is dedicated to advancing the dialogue for all that identify as Jewish, and how to work together across denominations to provider the greatest good for our people. He finds much of his inspiration from his great-grandfather from the late 1500s, Rabbi Joseph Ben Ephraim Caro, who, at the time, was credited for uniting the Jewish people to accept one common practice and way of life.  While Dr. Cook doesn't claim that he has the ability to unite the Jewish people, he is determined to do his part.  He sees the opportunity to work with young men and women inspired by their Birthright experience and helping them extend their time in Israel as a triumph, and a viable way to repair the world.  

Bradley  currently serves on the advisory board for Mercava, Jewcer, is CEO of Jewish Social Response, and is a proud member of the 2014 Upstart Bay Area cohort. Bradley has been published in eJewish Philanthropy, the Huffington Post, and various other publications. He speaks to audiences on topics of Jewish Peoplehood, identity, and talmudic understanding. Bradley spends his time between Jerusalem, Atlanta, New York, and San Francisco.  He encourages you to connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter @BradleyCooks.