After my trip ended, Israel seemed like a much bigger place… With Project Beyond coordinating and connecting me, Israel came to feel a lot more like home.
— Madison. University of Texas
The opportunity to stay in the Old City for free while having more freedom after the structure of my trip was too good to pass up. I was able to meet many more Israelis, either born there or those who recently moved there for good. Those conversations gave me such great insight into issues that I had only been able to think of briefly during my trip.
— Adam. Groton, MA
Project Beyond helped connect me with different internship opportunities in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv which gave me a feel for the Israeli work environment and ample experience in the technology and structured finance fields. I made life-long friends, grew both personally and professionally, and enjoyed all that Israel has to offer. The best decision of my life so far.
— Teddy, Albuquerque, NM
This is a fantastic way to make friends and learn about Judaism, being in historic Jerusalem, lets you explore the local markets and learn about local customs. I recommend the experience for everyone!
— Andy. Oakland, CA
I signed up for Project Beyond they connected me with an internship program where I wrote articles for page 1 of the sports section in the Jerusalem Post, and interviewed Olympians. By far this was the best experience of my life.
— Matt. Rutgers Univesity
The amount of knowledge I gained as a result of my extension was mind-blowing. The one on ones really shed light to the way in which Israel relates to my life. Aside from the learning, I had a chance to journey the city-streets of Jerusalem. During my stay, there was a scene like no other. I had the magnificent chance of seeing the light show. Thank you to a terrific experience!
— Nathan. Kew Garden Hills, NY
Project Beyond made my extension in Israel a lot more worthwhile and meaningful than any planning I would have done by myself.
— Shelia, Berkeley, CA